Questions abound about e-bikes so we thought we would offer some facts.

1.  All the e-bikes that we sell are pedal assisted e-bikes which means that you have to pedal in order to obtain the assistance from the motor.

2.  The e-bikes are equipped with a motor and a battery.  All models come with different levels of assistance ranging from 50% up to 360%.  This means that at 50% assistance, the motor will offer half the effort that you put in; at 100% assistance the motor will match the effort that you put in and so on.  You can also ride the bike without any assistance.

3.  E-bikes are not motorbikes.  By law in Ireland, when you reach speeds in excess of 25km per hour; the motor cuts off.  If the motor assisted you in higher speeds then the bike would be classified as a vehicle needing tax and insurance.

4.  The battery is designed to be charged on or off your e-bike offering you greater flexibility depending on where it is being stored.   Battery size ranges from 300W/h to 500W/h and charge time depends on the size of your battery.  To give you an idea, the 500W/h Panasonic battery used in some of the Giant e-bikes will charge from 0% to 100% in no longer that three and a half hours.

5.  You will discover that on an e-bike you will travel further; cycle for longer periods of time and cycle more frequently than on a regular bicycle.  Our customers tell us that as time moves on they find themselves using the assistance less and thus becoming fitter.  E-bike riding encourages you to take to the road as it is such an enjoyable, fun experience.

We stock Giant E-bikes as well as selling Lapierre e-bikes; Gazelle e-bikes and other brands also. 

We encourage everyone to call in to us and try an e-bike.  You need to experience it for yourself.  We are happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have at any time.

We offer a full after sales package to all our customers and are on hand to ensure you enjoy and use your new e-bike.  We are never more than a phone call away. 

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